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One Grey - Endless Possibilities

When Küppersbusch dedicates a new line of appliances to one colour, this colour must really be extra special. Extra versatile, extra timeless, extra compatible with the design standard of the company in Gelsenkirchen. “Shade of Grey” meets all these requirements.

For a long time now, grey has no longer lead the shadowy existence easily attributed to it in the vernacular due to its neutrality and reserve. It is in particular thanks to these cool and collected features that grey has steadily developed to become one of the most popular colours in fashion and product design.  Because grey can be everything: Elegant and casual. Conventional and modern. Tone-in-tone or even colourful. Grey is the only colour that gets along with any other colour because it discretely maintains a low key and gladly shares the stage with others. Combined with other colours and a wide variety of materials while at the same time leaving an incredible amount of scope for those individual touches. Küppersbusch first presented the new "Shade of Grey" line at the beginning of this year and has currently added more models to it. 

Besides 60-cm high built-in ovens with a steam mode or pyrolysis, "Shade of Grey" also covers 45-cm high compact appliances and a fully-automatic coffee machine and also keep-warm and accessory drawers. In addition to the 80-cm wide KI 8800.0 induction hob, the company from Gelsenkirchen now also offers the 60-cm wide KI 6800.0 induction hob in grey. The two hobs are fitted with a 15-step power control system and the "glideControl" operating control system. A slight touch on the smooth surface allows you to select the cooking zone of your choice; the chosen power setting can be set by gliding your finger across the white symbol. Also new in the "Shade of Grey" range: The B 6550.0 oven with 14 oven functions, eight special baking functions and more than 40 automatic programs. Küppersbusch also offers suitable island and wall-mounted cooker hoods.

Thanks to the uniform panel and handle designs, the appliances in the Profession+ and Premium+ lines can be perfectly combined. "Shade of Grey" is now available.