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Küppersbusch obtains the Major German Brands 2016 award

The history of the German Design Council is the history of its member companies. As an organisation of design-oriented business, the German Design Council connects the major German corporate brands from a wide range of sectors of the economy.

Distinctive. Ingenious. The Major German Brands. Küppersbusch is proud to be part of it!

The name Küppersbusch has been synonymous with innovation and tradition for more than 140 years. A look back at the Küppersbusch success story is simultaneously a look into the future – you’ll see innovative ideas and impulses with only one goal:

`Combine cutting-edge technology and premium quality with precise functionality and exceptional design`

For decades Küppersbusch has made itself at home wherever professional chefs prepare their culinary delights – i.e., where individuality and reliability are in demand on a daily basis. Küppersbusch has set these extremely high standards for itself – and used these standards from the very beginning in its development of built-in kitchen appliances for residential use. The result of all this is a range of innovative products that allow chefs to unleash every ounce of their culinary passion without the need to compromise on reliability, safety or quality.

For the last 40 years, German designer Klaus Keichel has been in charge of designing the Küppersbusch products. Among other things, he created the Küppersbusch Individual design concept, which facilitates the creation of customised, integrated solutions for built-in kitchen appliances.

Küppersbusch regularly wins national and international design awards for its kitchen products.