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Küppersbusch with new American-style fridge freezer

Overflowing fridges and crammed freezer compartments have become a thing of the past with the new Küppersbusch fridge freezer in XXL format. With a storage capacity of around 550 litres the KE 9750-0-2T provides plenty of space for the clearly arranged storage of food. The Fresh Centre integrated into the outer door enables ice cubes, crushed ice or chilled drinking water to be dispensable at any time. Fruit and vegetables are best stored in the FreshBox where the humidity can be controlled by a slider so perishable foodstuffs remain fresh for longer. The height of the storage spaces (VarioBoxes) in the door of the fridge part can also be adjusted depending on the contents. In the freezer part, the NoFrost technology carries out defrosting at a constant temperature without the food being able to spoil.


The extra-large side-by-side fridge freezer is available in four design variants: with a stainless steel full-panel covering in black or white and as a built-in version with stainless steel front.


Overview of features:

  • NoFrost technology

  • VarioShelves (height-adjustable storage spaces in the fridge part)

  • FreshBox (fruit and vegetables with its own humidity control)

  • VarioBoxes (height-adjustable storage spaces in the fridge door)

  • Storage capacity: 549 litres (normal fridge space: 379 litres, freezer space: 170)

  • Electronic temperature control and display

  • Electronic Fresh Centre for ice cubes, crushed ice and water

  • Internal water filter with change indicator

  • Water supply hose

  • Can be fitted flush with the wall