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Induction Hob with Integrated Cooktop Extractor

For greater planning flexibility in the kitchen: Küppersbusch expands its selection of extraction hoods with new downdraft ventilation.

More and more end users are choosing island solutions and an architecture open to the living space when planning their kitchen. This makes preventing the spread of odours throughout the living space all the more important. An extraction hood ensures a pleasant working atmosphere, but often disrupts the overall appearance since it is installed at head height. This is where downdraft ventilation comes in. Recessed in the cook-top itself, it is virtually invisible. It also extracts the odours directly at the source. Küppersbusch has now expanded its selection of extraction hoods with a cook-top featuring integrated downdraft ventilation. The EKID 9940.0 induction cook-top is available starting in the spring of 2016, with two different extraction systems: As an exhaust air version and, for those who have no way to discharge odours to the outside, also with a fan and integrated carbon filter box installed in the cabinet. Both versions feature four speed levels and an automatic lag that can be controlled from the cook-top.

The 90 cm wide induction cook-top with four cooking zones also features 14 heat levels and three special predefined settings: A melt setting at 42°C, a holding setting at 70°C and a pasta setting at 94°C. With the bridge function, the respective front and rear cooking zones can be combined into one. The EKID 9940.0 is also equipped with automatic cooking, a shut-off memory function, a timer and a holiday shut-off.