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"Upgrade your Kitchen": Küppersbusch extends its Individual concept and presents new colour and material combinations

Gelsenkirchen/Cologne, 19 January 2015. Küppersbusch presented its Individual concept for the first time at the LivingKitchen two years ago. The unique design concept uses coloured bar handles and visible panels to provide tailor-made concepts for built-in kitchen appliances. A most positive response from specialised kitchen retailers and customers has prompted Küppersbusch to extend its Individual concept with more colour and material combinations. The company from Gelsenkirchen is thus responding to the latest trends in the kitchen furniture industry and is presenting bar handles and visible panels in black velvet and silver chrome designs with wood, stone and Swarovski inlays; current colour trends such as gold and copper are also being catered for. In the case of the design kits with wood inlays there is also the possibility to cooperate with well-established kitchen furniture manufacturers.

Following the motto of "Upgrade your Kitchen", customers can now order the new design kits with different inlays or as bi-colour kits in addition to the popular stainless steel, black chrome, silver chrome, gold and black velvet designs, thus creating a perfect match between their built-in appliances and their kitchen units. Existing Küpperbusch built-in appliances can also be upgraded with the new individual kits: The handles of all the ConceptLine appliances and the black velvet and silver chrome models can simply be replaced with new designs.

Küppersbusch with a design study at the LivingKitchen
The company from Gelsenkirchen is not only breaking new ground in terms of the products that will soon be available on the market. Küppersbusch is also presenting a design study for the first time at this year's LivingKitchen. Andrea Heiner-Kruckas, Marketing Director with Küppersbusch Hausgeräte GmbH says: "We are constantly dealing with new trends in a wide variety of areas. We wish to share the ideas we develop direct with our customers in the form of a design study. This is not a presentation of a ready-made product, instead we are giving visitors a look into our trend and research lab. For us it is about exchanging ideas with architects, specialised retail partners and consumers. We want to involve the different target groups in our decision-making process in favour of or against a new product, and we look forward to seeing the visitors' responses." The design study is about the progressive individualisation of built-in-kitchen appliances with colours.

An overview of the new Küppersbusch individual kits:
Black velvet or silver chrome design
- with wood inlays
- with stone inlays
- with Swarovski inlays
- with copper
- with gold

The new Küppersbusch Individual kits will be available from April 2015.