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Stylish design: Copper/Hot Chili - the material of the hour!

Trend researchers are referring to a new colour trend that is featured in all design and everyday sectors and that is becoming increasingly popular. The highlights of copper are its expression of a cultured lifestyle and an enjoyment of luxury. In colour symbolism, the material copper is associated with the Goddess Venus and thus represents a sense of beauty, creativity, sensitivity and joie de vivre. With its new Copper Edition, Küppersbusch is presenting a selection of premium kitchen appliances for kitchens with style.


Copper is the multitalent among metals: warm red shades and a golden shimmer - an enrichment for every interior design style. This makes the material the perfect embellishment for every kitchen. Küppersbusch is featuring this mega trend in its Copper Edition and giving it a new interpretation: The straight forward design of the multiple award-winning premium kitchen appliances with the softly shimmering copper accents will convince both purists and romantics.


Chili is an integral part of international cooking. And now Küppersbusch is paying homage to this fiery spice by featuring it in its kitchen designs: The new limited "Hot Chili" Edition is creating striking accents and will be offering eight products from the current Küppersbusch range in the ruby red design kit.


Black, high-gloss glass fronts with Hot Chili design kits usher in an exciting new kitchen atmosphere! Unmistakable and individual - a design that documents both creativity and decisiveness. Hot Chili is anything but boring!


Nowadays, cooking involves a lot more than merely preparing meals. It is an expression of a modern, individual lifestyle. A lifestyle, in which good designs are just as important as a contemporary, healthy diet. In which high-tech counts just as much as quality and durability. With Küppersbusch you are choosing innovative technical solutions and award-winning product designs.