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ConceptLineTM by Küppersbusch: perfect symmetry and convincing functions

Particularly the horizontal arrangement of several built-in appliances is often a big problem for kitchen planners: various appliance heights, various control designs and different handle heights do not provide a harmonious image and can really bother some design-conscious customers. Küppersbusch now has a solution with its new ConceptLineTM and, thanks to the uniform panel height for 45 cm and 60 cm high appliances, as well as uniform control and handle height, enables a random arrangement of built-in appliances – both vertically and horizontally. ConceptLineTM consciously abstained from panels to enable as pure a design as possible that harmoniously matches the modern design styles and open-plan kitchens. Nevertheless, customers can choose from five different handles to personalise their built-in appliances: for the Küppersbusch Individual concept you can choose between the familiar design versions of Stainless Steel, Black Chrome, Silver Chrome, Gold and Black Velvet.

Convincing functions: XXL cooking space and professional ranges
All ConceptLineTM appliances feature a uniform Touchcontrol system that enables intuitive operation. In addition, the entire cooking space is enamelled on all appliances. This coating has an extremely smooth surface with very few pores to prevent fat and frying residue from sticking to it, making annoying cleaning a thing of the past. In addition, the 60 cm high ovens feature an XXL cooking space with a 73-litre volume. The extra large baking tray thus offers 20 percent more usable area.

The steam oven EEBD 6750.0 and EEBKD 6750.0 also features an impressive 24 oven functions and 100 automatic settings. For the professional settings sensors determine the weight and quantity of the item to be cooked and ensure a perfect result. And whoever doesn’t want to clean their own oven should choose the EEBP 6750.0 built-in oven: its pyrolysis function completely cleans the appliance.

The new ConceptLineTM by Küppersbusch features a 60 cm high steam oven, a 60 cm high oven with pyrolysis function, a combination steamer, a combination microwave, a built-in TV (all are 45 cm high), as well as 14 cm high warming and accessory drawers, which can be ideally combined with the 45 cm high appliances.