WS 6014.1 J
Built-in warming drawer

Adjustable temperature range: 30-80°C
Push/pull function


WS 6014.1 J1 Stainless steel
WS 6014.1 J2 Black Chrome
WS 6014.1 J3 Silver Chrome
WS 6014.1 J4 Gold
WS 6014.1 J5 Black Velvet


  • Ideal complement for a 45 cm high appliance for a 59 cm high built-in niche
  • Push/pull function
  • Capacity (dependent on tableware-size):
    • Dinner service for 6 persons or 20 plates with Ø 28 cm or 80 espresso cups or 40 cappuccino cups
  • Telescopic rails
  • Non-slip inlay
Adjustable temperature range30-80°C
Electrical connection0.4 kW (13A plug)
Niche dimensionsapprox. W560 x H595 x D550 mm
Incl. an appliance of 45 cm height
Inner dimensionsW410 x H105 x D525 mm
Ventilation area200 cm3
Length of connection cable1 metre
Catalogue 25.72 kB
User manual 83.03 kB
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