EEB 6551.0 JX
Built-in electric oven

Ökotherm® oven catalytic converter
Oven volume: 57 litres
Max. temperature in hot air: 250°C


EEB 6551.0 JX1 Stainless steel
EEB 6551.0 JX + ACC-3001 Black Chrome
EEB 6551.0 JX + ACC-4001 Silver Chrome
EEB 6551.0 JX + ACC-5001 Gold
EEB 6551.0 JX + ACC-6001 Black Velvet
EEB 6551.0 JX + ACC-C6000 Copper
EEB 6551.0 JX + ACC-R6000 Hot Chili


  • Ökotherm® oven catalytic converter
  • 17 baking and roasting programmes, 13 oven functions
  • Illuminated symbols for roasting and oven functions
  • Electronic system including a programmable electronic timer (cooking time, end of cooking time, minute minder, starting time)
  • Direct programme / function choice by means of back-lit sensor touch controls
  • TFT graphics display
  • Stand-by-modus
  • Automatic weight system
  • Rapid heating
  • Full glass inner door with a stainless steel frame, removable
  • Triple glazed oven door
  • Full glass front
  • Drop-down large-area grill
  • Halogen oven lighting on both sides
  • Telescopic glide-out shelves, can be retrofitted
  • Door contact switch
  • Tangential cooling fan
  • White display
Cooking Functions
Oven volume54 litres
Max. temperature in hot air250°C
Electrical connection3.3 kW (20A spur)
Niche dimensionsapprox. W560 x H590 x D550 mm
Ventilation area200 cm3
Length of connection cable2 metres
Catalogue 33.45 kB
User manual 387.64 kB
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