IGV 4609.0
Fully-integrated dishwasher

10* international place settings
Noise level: 44 dB
6 programmes


  • 10 international place settings
  • Central detergent dispenser
  • Heat exchanger
  • Electronic refill display for salt and rinse aid
  • 6 programmes
    • Automatic programme 65°C- 75°C - Economy programme 50°C
    • Automatic programme 45°C- 65°C - Fast programme 45°C
    • Automatic programme 35°C- 45°C - Pre-rinse
  • Electronic delay start timer and remaining time indicator
  • Special intensive zone, hygiene extra, half load function
  • Acoustic and optical signal at end of programme
  • multiflexPlus premium drawer
  • multiflex top basket with 3 collapsible plate racks and racks for cups, height-adjustable
  • multiflex bottom basket with 3 collapsible plate racks
  • Technically suitable for elevated installation
Noise level44 dB
Water consumption per year2,660 litres per rinse cycle 9.5 litres
Electrical connection2.3 kW (13A plug)
Appliance dimensionsapprox. W598 x H815-875 x D573 mm
Niche dimensionsapprox. W600 x H815-875 x D575 mm
Length of connection cable 1.7 metres
Length of supply hose1.5 metres
Length of discharge hose1.6 metres
Hot water supply connection (Optional)max. 60°C
Catalogue 53.52 kB
User manual 194.27 kB
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